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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

So I have a wiki-like database where users can add information and request to edit information.

I am currently working on a prefilled form and automation where they can edit the entries themselves. However, this table is kind of massive in the sense that there are a lot of columns and some of the information is a bit lengthy.

Here is where my question comes in. Is there a limit to the length a prefilled form link can be? Or how many fields an automation can have?

Also, my automation tests keep failing when a select field or other non-text field is present.

It would be nice if the data could be added (appended) instead of overwritten, which would negate the need for such a huge prefilled form. I don’t think airtables update automation can do that though?

P.S. I am on a free plan so apps and the like are a no-go.

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Most browsers will not accept a url longer than about 2000 characters. Thus, you should keep your prefilled urls to under 2000 characters.

I am not aware of a limit on the number of fields in an automation.

Can you provide more information? Have you re-tested your trigger?

A form always creates a new record, so if data is being overwritten, it is because you have told the automation to overwrite data. It is possible to have data appended with an automation.

Free plans also have a fairly low limit on the number of automation runs (100 per month).

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

For Automations, I only see an option to update records. This is what I need it to do instead of creating a new record. However, it completely overwrites the data in the record instead of adding to that record. The only other options I get are to make it uppercase, lowercase, all caps, etc.

I don’t need that many automations anyway. It’s a very niche wiki. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, thanks!