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Prefilled forms - Multi-select option

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Hi All,

I am using the “Prefilled forms” App in order to prefill a form. It works quite well so far for single select prefilled values and triggers great URLs automatically.

However, if I have multiple values corresponding that correspond and need to be pre-filled, it only shows the first one.
Is it possible at all to have it show all values corresponding to the field? i.e., make it possible to create a drop-down / multi-select question in forms based on the prefilled-form.
I believe this would be a logical add-on to the prefilled forms as many questions are multi-select. If there is another way to get there, I am open to creative hacks!

Thank you!


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Welcome to the Airtable community!

I am the developer for the “Prefilled Forms” app, and I have successfully used the app to prefill multiple select values. Usually when a prefill does not work properly it is because something about the the prefilled value does not match the field being prefilled.

Can you give more information on your use case?

  • screen shot of the configuration of your multi-select field in the table containing the form
  • screen shot of the configuration of the field containing the value used to prefill the form
  • screen shot of the formula produced by the script
  • screen shot of the record in the formula table containing the multiple values you want prefilled
  • screen shot of the prefilled form when you click on the formula results

Dear Kuovonne,

Thank you so much for your reply! Much much appreciated.
Please find the screenshots attached.
Let me know if you need anything else.


Pre-filled form 1 Pre-filled form 2 Pre-filled form 3 Pre-filled form 4

Resulting Form 2 Resulting Form 4 Source Data 1 Source Data 2


It looks like you are trying to prefill a linked record field (versus a multiple select field). It is possible to prefill both field types, but sometimes they need special handling.

Your screen captures are also a little blurry, so it is hard to see the exact values that you are trying to use.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Are you using the exact formula shown in your screen capture, or are you using a formula that you created a few months ago? I released a minor update to the app, and your screen capture shows that you have the update, but since you don’t show the configuration of the actual formula for the field, you might be using a formula created before the update.

  • Do any of the linked record values contain commas or quotes? Forms can have trouble prefilling linked records with commas and quotes.

  • Are all of the values in the primary field of the [Food] table unique? If there are any duplicates, the form will not be able to prefill values with duplicates.

You are right! I am aiming for a prefill a linked record field and will change the title of this request so it can benefit other people.
I saw the release and it is the latest
There are no commas nor quotes. I am familiar with the issue.

So, what do you advise I do?

Are you able to include screen captures where I can read the text? The screen shot does not need to include the entire window. You can crop the screen shot to show just the relevant information.
Or can you share your base with me?

Dear Kuovonne,

Thank you for your message. Our database contains health data and we are committed to GDPR compliance. Would it be possible for us to do a zoom call instead?
I am based in Auckland in New Zealand and am a power user of Airtable.

Thank you for your consideration,


If anyone was following this thread, the original poster scheduled an appointment with me for a zoom meeting and we found a solution.

Instead of directly using the linked record field, we used a rollup field with ARRAYJOIN(values,","). There also were some duplicate primary field values, and primary fields with commas.