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So I need to embedded several forms (to the same Table) on multiple pages on a website. These will capture roughly the same information. But, I need to know where the enquiry came from.

For example, we have individual landing pages on our website for people coming from Google Ads, from Facebook Ads, direct enquires, etc. In Airtable I have a ‘Source’ field (Google, Direct, Facebook, etc) but I need this to be pre-filled BUT hidden on the form itself (so the customer doesn’t see it). This is so as the entries come into Airtable I know where they came from.

I don’t want to use a separate Table (which I know would solve this) as I need all records in the same Table.

It seems the prefill_ formula only works on visible fields, not hidden fields.

Ultimately, Is it possible to differentiate somehow which records came from specific embedded forms on different webpages…? I hope that makes sense.

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If a field is hidden, the prefill value will not be submitted with the form.

Here are some options.

  • Setup identical forms for the different webpages and put a different form in each webpage. Use a “when form submitted” automation to tag the record based on the form that was used. However, this method takes multiple automation slots and runs.

  • Setup identical forms for the different webpages, but have a single-select that tells you which webpage was used. In each form, limit the option to a single choice, make that question required, and prefill it. Users will still see the choice, but they will not see the other choices, and you can obscure the actual name if you want.

In addition to @kuovonne’s excellent options above which all use native Airtable, another option is to spend money by paying for an external form service that supports prefilled hidden fields.

Two options that offer built-in Airtable integration are JotForm (which offers a free plan) and MiniExtensions (no free plan available):

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you both Kuovonne and ScottWorld. Some good suggestions. I’ll explore these. I’ve already thought of ‘hacks’ like using individual checkbox fields to indicate the source but simply changing the text to something like a required GDPR acknowledgment. So, with your suggestions as well there seem to be some work-arounds.