Printing Multiple, 3-pg Records in Page Designer app

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Our team is looking to print records in a 3 page format (could be more in the future). When I first realized that I could set a custom paper size, I set it to the px conversion for 8.5" x3 (2778 px). After ALOT of trial & error I realized that the actual size of the grid was less & so the conversion for 8.5" x3 in landscape had to be 2448 px. I have the margins set at “0” currently.
This has worked somewhat, but since there are no visible page break guides, I’ve had to sort of create them by adding free text boxes that serve as headers & footers on each page. I’ve spaced out the distance between top edge & bottom edge of the grid & between each header & footer as best I could, literally, by moving things down 1 space at a time & reviewing in a print preview window.
There are 2 challenges I’m having…

  1. For some reason there is a lot of extra margin being added at the bottom of the 3rd page. It doesn’t appear that way on screen, but when saving as a PDF, you can see the difference. If I attempt to move the text box down on that 3rd page even by 1 notch is spills over onto a 4th page. Redistributing all of the date from the 3 pages doesn’t work either.
  2. We’d really like to be able to print multiple records at a time for “like” items (eg. multiple colors associated to a particular style). When attempting to do this however, the margins become totally off & info spills over onto other pages in a totally haphazard way. I have tried printing in a grid, as a list, adding different margins, shifting fields…nothing works.
    Hoping this is a really quick fix that I’m just missing…
    It was recommended that I try to customize margins using Google Chrome. That didn’t work either.
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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I would love to see some options for this as well, I'm also trying to design a 2 page setup where the screen doesn't accurately reflect the print result