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I am new to AirTable. I am not a software developer. I was given the URL of some research data that somebody compiled on AirTable, and I would like to make use of that data for a project. The table has 2500 records, though, and 21 fields (columns). I don't need all of it, just a small subset. I don't know how to extract that data into something more useful, e.g. .csv, except to print it to a .pdf, extract to .txt, and then parse the text with a script that then saves it to .csv.

The problem I'm running into is that I can't fit all the data onto a single page because it seems as if AirTable doesn't let me omit fields (columns) when I print to pdf. I can hide fields from view in my browser (Chrome, Safari), but they are included when I print to pdf. Unfortunately, this jams all the data and shortens it with ellipses (...).

Can anybody provide a suggestion or guidance, either in how I can extract all the data from the Table using AirTable's API despite not having direct access to the table except by URL, or how I can properly print to pdf only the fields (columns) that I require?


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You can’t. You would need to talk to the person who created the data. 

I'm guessing that you have a shared view. Is there a "view larger version" link in the lower right corner? If you click that, is there a "Use this data" button? If so, you can make your own copy of the data into your own Airtable account. However, it sounds like this share doesn't have that button. That indicates that the owner of the data doesn't want people copying the data. Which gets back to Scott's advice--talk to the owner of the data.

You could also manually copy/paste the data you need, but that will get very tedious if you need all 2500 records.