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4 - Data Explorer


I am wondering if it’s possible to have personal/private fields.

We track all of our campaign scheduling/planning through Airtable + reporting and revenue.

What we now need is to calculate commission per sales person for each campaign record and have this information be private/unviewable to the rest of the team.

Is there a way I can create a field that can only be viewed by specific users?
Can it be done via a locked/personal view maybe or would this person need to create their own private base and then copy and paste the information across to it?


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Welcome to the community, @Rachel_Pugh!

Not possible unless you give someone a read-only share link for a specific view, and make sure that they are not a collaborator on your base. But then, they won’t be able to edit any data.

Anything other than that, you will need to use Stacker. Stacker will do what you want.