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Problem with a script

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Hi everyone.
I’m trying to follow this guide and I’m told to setup this script but Airtable is complaining about this fieldsToSend.forEach

saying that forEach dosen’t exists on type string but I just copied it so it must work for him.

Does anyone know?

Here is the complet code

// Get the airtabel webhook URL
let webhook = ‘’;

// Airtable script button name.
let actionDescription = ‘Sending images to processing’;

let tableName = ‘Test Make’

let fieldsToSend = ‘Brand’

let table = base.getTable(tableName);

let record = await input.recordAsync(actionDescription,table);
let queryParams = ‘/?id=$(’
if(fieldsToSend.length > 0){
function buildParams(fieldName) {
let fieldValue = record.getCellValueAsString(fieldName)
queryParams += ‘&${encodeURIComponent(fieldName)}=${encodeURIComponent(fieldValue)}’
const returnedpayload = await fetch(‘${webhook}${queryParams}’);
var payloadResponse = await returnedpayload.json()
let result = payloadResponse.result;



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Welcome to the Airtable community!

You probably changed the value of the fieldsToSend variable. It is currently a text string. Before was it an array of text strings? What was that original line like? What happens if you make it an array?

Thanks for the quick reply. I was missing some barckets :winking_face: