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Pulling data from 2 tables into a single export

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I have 2 tables:

  • Organisations - which contains fields related to organisations we have funded to run projects - each record includes the organisation’s postcode
  • Projects - which contains fields related to projects run by these organisations.

The 2 tables are linked -a project links to one org and an org can link to multiple projects.

I want to export the project table to csv to create a map of the projects but I need the postcode to be exported too and it’s in the other table. Can I do this? I currently only get the organisation’s name in the csv file as it’s the primary field of the org table. Thanks!

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Hi @Rosy_Carter and welcome to the community!

Did you try using lookup fields?

Hi thanks for your reply. I have added the Postcode field using the lookup field type and it works perfectly!