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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi all

Hope all well.

I am working on a touring exhibition of 100+ objects. I am having custom crates made for each object before they travel. There will be approx 40 crates in total.

I’d like to pop a QR code on each crate, which the crew can scan to take them to the relevant Airtable page so they can see notes / contents without opening crate - they can also check it in / out.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a QR code generator which will create a link to an Airtable URL? There are loads out there - so a recommendation would be good if possible.


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I’ve successfully used many times in the past for these exact purposes.

If you need ongoing QR codes generated, MiniExtensions is great. If you have limited budget, and don’t mind generating the QR codes manually, you can create a formula field for the record urls and then use any QR generator.

You should also note if the people scanning the QR code will be Airtable collaborators. If they are not, you might want to take advantage of MiniExtension’s ability to generate a page per record.

You may also like this For the Record blog post about moving museum pieces with help from Airtable.

Dear Kuovonne and Scott

Thanks so much (as always!) for your reply - really helpful.

Loved that article you shared Kuovonne - that resonated with me as that is exactly what I am doing (albeit on a smaller scale, and all by myself!). I’ve done well so far - all my objects have info sheets and each museum has an Airtable form which they can use to create a condition report (converted into a PDF by on2Airs excellent Google docs integration). A little limited and hard to maintain - but it works.

I often see Mini Extensions being recommended for this and other things (forms, client portals etc) - but am put off by two things - the long list of extensions (how are you supposed to choose??!) and the price - ($79 p/month or $948 p/annum).

I will give it another try - but I am rather reluctant to be honest! Hoping for a cheaper solution - especially as their prices have sky rocketed in the last few months. Now $159 a month or $948 for the year. Wow…

Thanks again,

I failed to mention that can generate QR codes as well, and they are significantly cheaper than MiniExtensions:

p.s. If your company has a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an Airtable consultant who has done this before and can help you with this, please feel free to contact me through my website: Airtable consulting — ScottWorld

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I have developed a tool that can generate QR codes in bulk within Airtable. It allows you to generate a large number of QR codes at once and also supports batch generation of barcodes and batch downloading of attachments. I hope this can be helpful to you.

Bulk QR Code Barcode Generator 

Airtable QR Code Generator