Re: Railsware/Blockspring backups - or others?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’m looking to get our Airtable bases backed up into Google Sheets, preferably, or a local spreadsheet.

Blockspring purports to do exactly what we want, but doesn’t work. It looks like it will, then eventually says that the shared baselink doesn’t work.

Railsware does a great job, but each time it runs, it overrides the prior backup. I’d like to have access to 6 months or so of backups. The max amount of time between auto backups is 24 hours, so a ladder of backups won’t work.

I saw another solution but it’s expensive. We are a non-profit (volunteers teaching English to immigrants), so we can’t afford more than about $10/month.

Thanks for any advice

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi @Linda_Bonder,

Our team is currently building a simple & safe backup app for Airtable. It will automatically back up all of your Airtable data securely once per day. It will also sync the tasks, comments & files in to Google Sheets in a secured Google Drive folder. This transparent approach has received lots of praise from The Podio community where we’ve built a similar app.

Right now we are looking for Airtable users who want to give us feedback about our backup solution. We want to see if our backup app would actually cover your needs in terms of data backup & security.

Please let me if you’re interested.

Hi Willem, that would be great. What is your company?

Hi Linda,

You can sign up your email on this page:

Our team will then reach out to you shortly! Thank you.