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4 - Data Explorer

I am hoping someone can help answer this basic question.

We have a survey where our athletes answer using a ranting system. I want to take the rating once in airtable and assign it a number value. 1 star = 1, 2 stars = 2, 3 stars = 3, 4 stars = 4, and 5 stars =5 so I can total.

Is this an easy thing to do or do I need to get the data into a number before it hits airtable?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


Here are a couple options that might work for you.

Airtable already assigns numbers to stars so by creating a summary table whereby you link to each rating record you can then create a sum formula of those records that will total the star rankings.


You can see below that if you did want a separate column of numbers, one way would be the IF formula.  



I'm sorry, but I would consider such formula as a very bad practice.
In the case when you want to avoid zero values, you can do IF(Rating,Rating)