RECORD_ID() as Password?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I am trying to setup a client portal with an external plugin. In my table, each record represent a client case. Considering to setup a simple login mechanism. Is it safe to use the RECORD_ID() as the password of the particular record? Or any workaround to generate a random password for each record (case)?

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Would you not just be able to use an encrypted hash of the Record ID? That would be fine.

I set a formula to extract partial of the RECORD ID to be the password. Is there any way for Airtable to generate random password?

Hey! I think there would be lots of ways to do this. I’d love to know a bit more about your use case though - Why are you using Airtable to generate passwords?

I would not use record ids as passwords. Among other reasons, you cannot change record ids, and you should be able to change passwords.

Airtable formulas don’t have a random function, so they are a poor choice for generating passwords.

To create a password, you need a random function, which all modern programming languages have. You should salt and hash the password before storing it in a text field. You also need to consider how you are going to send the plain text password to the user.

How are your users interacting with your base with the password? If you are using the Standard API, you should be able to create a random password using the same language as the code accessing the Standard API.

You could also use Scripting block.

What is this a plugin for?

Writing a client portal for Airtable data is a lot of work and there are many details to work out. That is why some people choose to pay for a product like Stacker. However, if you are willing to put in the work, it is possible to write your own portal.

The level of difficulty in writing your own portal depends on how secure you want it to be and whether the user needs only read-only access, or if they need to be able to also create, edit, and delete data.

I am trying the

Are you using Mini-extensions’s random number generator just to generate a password, or are you combining miniextensions to make your portal?

I signed up a trial for the client portal plugin. So I am think to let the client gam10tw with a password. Then using the gam10tw name and password as the search fields to retrieve the relevant record. I found a javascript just now for generating random password and pasted in a scripting block, seems work properly fine! But it’s a manual work to copy and paste the password to a text field.