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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m a new user and starting with the Free plan - I suspect I will need to upgrade to Plus or Pro. Some help on these basic Q’s would be greatly appreciated and which plan I need to achieve these.

  1. How are the records per base calculated? Is it the number of lines per table or per base?
  2. I need to ‘search’ across all tables on a base, not just the current table - which plan will solve this? Eg. if a client calls and I don’t know which session they belong to (or which table they’re on) I can search via their mobile number across all tables.
  3. Printing: Can I select individual lines or columns to print or do I need to hide the columns not required first and then unhide after printing?

Thanks for the help,


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

As it states in Pricing - Airtable, record limits are “per base” so I that means cumulative across all tables.

The search app will allow you search across multiple tables. Apps are only available in the Pro Plan and up. More on the search app here.

Printing will always be based on the view settings you have in place. If you would like to stay in Airtable, you can duplicate the view you would like to use as a starting point, hide/show the appropriate fields, print, and then delete that temporary table. Alternatively, you can export that view as a CSV and edit in a spreadsheet application and print from there.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

The view settings you have in place will still be used while printing. If you want to remain in Airtable, replicate the view you want to use as a starting point, cover or display the relevant fields, print, and then remove the temporary table. Alternatively, you can save the view as a CSV file, edit it in a spreadsheet programme, and then print it.