Referrals and credits: are they only valid once, when upgrading or new ones get discounted from monthly costs?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I checked the community and the Billing FAQs and couldn’t find an answer. It’s about Referrals and credits.

I’m about to upgrade to PLUS now. According to what I understood, I get a discount equivalent to the credit I have gathered up to the moment I upgrade, right?

I’ve I keep getting referrals to sign up after I upgrade, do I still get credits (discounts)? How does it work if I pay annually? or do I have to get a monthly plan to get those credits discounted?


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Credits are accrued in your personal account as you earn them. If you already have a paid workspace, you need to manually transfer the credits to the workspace to use them. The credits are then used when you would normally be charged. If you are paid in full for a year and do not add any collaborators, the credits won’t be used until your renewal date.