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Hi every one, 

I'm just trying to create a table that shows 3 tables together. Each table is been filled by data fetcher, each table is a channel sources. Meta, Google, etc, with the results grouped by year, month and week (Is like the data comes from data fetcher)

I need to do one table with all the channel together. The thing is, in each table of source I have 3 columns that identify and probably link each raw of each table. Column user, year, month and week.

Each table has the same first tree columns, so the resume table should have user, year, month and week, and then, the linked results from the table meta, google, etc.

In excel is relatively easy, but here I don't find an easy solution. 

Thanks for any help.

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what's the use case? You want to join 3 static similar tables in a large vertical one? Just copy-paste.
Or if you want to maintain dynamic solution, perform multi-source syncing to another base. You can adjust field mapping and the source will be additional column.
You may also find this link useful

Thanks for responding Alexey.

I read the article but I don't think it would work for me.

I am using Airtable and Softr. Softr works on airtable as a database.

In the software I build an app that allows clients of a digital marketing agency to see the results of their marketing campaigns.

I have 2 tables in airtable, one that is updated every day with results from new Google contacts, one that is updated with meta results.

In softr, I wanted to make a summary table, where clients can see and filter the results of all their campaigns.

To do this, I need a table in airtable that joins these tables.

This summary table would be in each row, user_id, year, month, day, Google result and Facebook result.

Automatically, each day a number of records from several clients are created in the meta and google tables, and they should automatically be unified in the summary table by client_id, year, month and day.