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6 - Interface Innovator

I see there have been a handful of posts pertaining to e-signatures in AT forms, but I decided to add another one since the most recent seems to be from 2021 and we know how fast things change in this space.

My specific use case revolves around credit card authorization forms. As we rebuild our company website, one request from the CEO is to add an embedded form to our site. As it stands we use Adobe to create an editable PDF however I don’t currently have access to our login to explore what a logged-in admin sees when receiving a completed form.

Currently we send the editable PDF form to clients via email. Most clients…it’s an old school industry, then print it, fill it out, scan it, then email it back. We then scan and file the hardcopy away. In my mind the ideal flow would be to embed on our site, allow user to fill it out with esign, and have submissions stored in a table somewhere (either adobe or AT)

Any advice is appreciated.

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Not sure this is exactly what you’re looking for, but will offer it anyway.

My clients are mostly law firms doing litigation. Last year in one of the lawsuits I work on, it became important to get hundreds of clients to sign releases PDQ and the lawyers said that digital signatures would suffice. I used MiniExtensions to build the form: it has a signing field. And I was able to use something else to send text messages to the clients, advising them to click a personalized link. The link opened their specific Miniextension version of the form (prepopulated with their name etc). They were able to read through the release on their phones, then sign in the signature box. I captured the signatures as pdfs in an attachment field in Airtable, and was then able to assemble a nice-looking pdf that included the signature. (That was done with the Page Builder in Airtable — first time I’ve ever found it really useful.)

This was a “case of first impression” (so to speak) for me as a developer but my clients (the lawyers) thought it worked pretty well. I was able to keep track of who’d signed, and the paralegals had to track down the dawdlers in person or over the phone. But we got something like 60% or higher compliance initially, and eventually everything got signed.

Miniextensions doesn’t get as much love as I think it deserves. :slightly_smiling_face:


Really appreciate the response William, and nicely done! I’ve trialed Miniextensions before but didn’t purchase their subscription since I only needed one extension.

Do remember that Miniextensions has a single (IMO pretty affordable) price that gives you access to all their tools. Good luck!