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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Wondering if there is anyone interested collaborating on the creation of a habit tracker base I’ve been working on. The idea is this:

  1. Place those paperthin RFID tags in the places where my habit takes place.
    Reading → Kindle Cover
    Exercise → On my shoe rack next to my gym shoes.
    Brush/Floss —> Next to my tooth brush

  2. When I do that habit, I just bump the tag with my phone. (This is basically a frictionless way to habit track, which I like)

  3. If that specific habit is a Yes/No kind of thing, a checkbox will be ticked in my Airtable. (I’m presently accomplishing this through IOS Shortcuts though I’m sure that Tasker can do the same thing for Android.) If the habit isn’t a simple checkbox, for example, reading – I can have it prompt me for how long I read.

Up to this point, all has been relatively easy. Now, however, I’m struggling with some base design issues. Designing the base so that I can see patterns over time, see streaks in habits, and possibly receive reminders are some of the challenges I’m facing right now.

I’m an airtable enthusiast with some basic programming knowledge, but I’m getting my butt kicked by this project right now, and I’m wondering if there’s anyone else out there that might be interested in tackling it with me?

Currently, Streaks is the thing I’m stuck on. Can’t figure out how to track how many consecutive days I’ve done something.


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How are you converting RFID tag scan into Airtable entry?

I’m using IOS’s built-in automator called “Shortcuts.” If I’m not mistaken, “Tasker” is the Android equivalent.

If you’re asking from more of a functional standpoint - the RFID scan acts as the trigger to run the Shortcut, which then accesses the Airtable via API. With my current set-up, my shortcut will create a record in the “Date Test Table,” if there is no record with Todays date. If there IS an existing record for Today, then that will be the record that gets updated with my various habits.

Ver 1 was used a separate column for each habit, all on the same table.

Currently trying out version 2, which uses a separate table for habits. The Shortcut automatically links the Todays record with the habit that corresponds with the RFID tag that I scanned.

No takers eh? Here I was thinking this is kind of a cool idea. I’ll just quietly let myself out then…

This is a wonderful idea. I've been twisting my brain on how to figure it out. But I think the only way is to use scripting.