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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

If you have ever wanted to run SQL queries on Airtable, like I have, then take a look at ZapQuery. Full disclosure, I created it, but it has a free mode and I would appreciate some feedback about whether it’s useful or not to anyone who is running Airtable for their business like we are.

Basically it allows you to run SQL on your airtable bases as if you were writing queries on SQL Server. You can join tables, sum, all the stuff you would want to do in SQL. It’s good for making reports. I used it to run reports and pipe it into zapier and email/text myself what’s happening in the data. It’s a great way to kind of build a mobile reporting system for your business and know what’s happening.

For now, our zapier integration isn’t live because we don’t have enough running zaps, so if you want to pipe your query output into zapier, just email me @ and I will invite you with your email.

I can add more database engines later like Postgres, but for now I used T-SQL (SQL server) because that’s what I was familiar with.

It has a lot of bugs, but I have work around for most of them and I’m available for questions if you have any and need help getting it to work for you specific reporting/alerting situation.

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How well does it perform with multiple joins? And how much interest for SQL have you seen from the Airtable community?

I think this is a good idea, although, the implementation with Zapier seems odd (scratching my head on that one). :winking_face: