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4 - Data Explorer

Good morning, I am pretty new to airtable and am trying to find a way to save a subgroup (using filters) of my main table as a separate table - Similar to sheets that run along the bottom of Excel. Is there not a “save as” feature? I am using Airtable to organize the grants that our non-profit gives out. Then I want to be able to select some and save those selections - say for a particular school, or a particular year. What am I missing?

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I feel like you’d be hard-pressed to find a more user-friendly database software than Airtable, and because their API is so robust, I see little in the way of limitations for publishing that data or sharing that data, assuming you are willing to learn to work with more modern standards (ie, passing JSON across the web through API’s rather than passing CSV’s through email).

Usually the biggest problem points people run into with using Airtable have to do with the lack of granular security and permissions options. It can be difficult to try and share some data with some users such that they can interact with it, while shielding other, sensitive data from them. There is usually a way to do it, but it can be difficult, and often requires use of paid, third-party tools or plugins.

Thanks. This is most encouraging.


We will indeed probably need to obtain third-party tools or hire a consultant to develop them. Any suggestions?