Search by primary field to show all possible variations?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to use my base to lookup all the field variations for a given primary field input.
Basically, I’m compiling a list of games (Title) with different software that add 3D audio (Spatializer) and I’m looking for the most intuitive way for anyone to find the link for the respective Guide by just typing the Title.

The closest 2 methods I found are:

  1. Duplicating the primary field (Title) so I can change the type to single select. This way, I can set up a form where I can start typing and have it auto-fill with Title options. Then I added the fields I want shown as conditionals and simulated it returning Gears of War record values.
    Obviously this is just a proof of concept and won’t work with a form since I want people to fetch records, not submit one.

  2. Search app. It allows searching by Title and displaying some of the info I want shown, but also stuff I don’t want shown. I also want the Guide link to be clickable instead of having to expand the record.

I know I’m pushing Airtable’s capabilities to its limits so I wonder if there’s a simple method I’m missing, or an integration with an external settings via Zapier or something.

Thanks in advance!

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