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4 - Data Explorer


I have a fairly large database and I was able to build an app based on it. My app is getting attraction thankfully but I have an issue that, if persists, might turn the app useless!

The database is in Arabic and performing search in Arabic in Airtable is not the best. sometimes it works and shows results and sometimes it tells you no results found even though I know for sure that the keyword I searched for is there. I’m not talking about the search block which doesn’t support arabic but basic search using the search icon in the base.

I was a bit ok with this in the beginning when all my work was in Airtable but the fact that this limitation (bug?) extends to the Airtable API is frustrating. Now this issue exists even if you want to use, say, Softr (Which I’m using.)

Is there any workaround here? I don’t want my app to turn obselete because of such an issue.


After posting this, I performed a certain search and found another form of this issue and now I am more frustrated. I searched for a keyword in my Base in Safari (Airtable Web) and got search results. I did the exact same search in the exact same view and got 0 results!


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