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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m using Integromat to search Airtable.

I’m trying to think through the logic of an Airtable search.

I have weekly podcast episodes that I produce across several podcasts. In Airtable I have all future episodes listed up through 11/11/2020 (67 days away and a Wednesday since I release on Wednesdays).

I want Integromat to search 56 days in advance of “today” (running the scenario on Wednesday’s). If there is a result of an already created record for that day, but not for the next week, I want it to give me those records so I can create new ones.

Does that make sense?

Doing some research it looks like I need an “AND” search:
AND( {Publish Date} = {{addDays(TODAY(); 56)}}, ???)


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