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I’m trying to figure out how to write a formula that matches a field that contains a link to records. In my setup, I have a field that is a link to another record. I’ve tried {Field_Name} = rec########, {Field_Name} = “rec########”, {Field_Name = “Re...
I’m looking at using a Gannt chart to adjust dates of projects as needed. If I drag dates further out, the tasks that are dependent on them move appropriately. If I then drag to an earlier date, the tasks that were dependent DON’T also move to an ear...
I’m using Integromat to search Airtable. I’m trying to think through the logic of an Airtable search. I have weekly podcast episodes that I produce across several podcasts. In Airtable I have all future episodes listed up through 11/11/2020 (67 days ...
Hi there! I’m an Airtable noob, but a spreadsheet lover. I’m trying to create a formula (Switch looked like the best), that will create custom dates based on the “Task Name.” It involves date math based on “Original Publish Date” field which is a dat...
I run a media company with many podcasts, blog posts, youtube videos and more. I’m looking at setting up Airtable to be my content calendar and tracking. I’ve used Google Sheets as my main “database” but have been playing with Airtable and can see th...
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