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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a CRM and on my Interactions table, I want to be able to create an Interaction and select multiple contacts on a record at the same time.
The linked record allows linking to multiple records - I can select records one at a time, but this is taking time. I cant shift-click or CTRL-A to choose multiple records.

The use case, is if I send a promo email to all my contacts, I want to have one interaction with multiple contacts.

I have been looking at this for hours, can’t figure it out. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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Hi @JFP – I feel the pain of what you are getting at here. Adding many linked records from the side you are doing it on is indeed a painful process.

I think you only have 2 options here:

  1. Adjust your workflow such that you make the link from the other side… ie, work on the “Contacts” table, narrow down the Contact records that you are sending the email to, and link all of them to the same Interaction record – this can be done much more quickly than trying to work the other way around from the “Interactions” table.
  2. Use either an Automation, Script App, or Custom App to make the link – there are a lot of different ways this could be implemented, Automations being the least technical (in terms of needing code written), and Custom App being the most technical. With an Automation, one way to approach it might be to create tags on your Contacts, and then matching tags on your Interactions (ie, a “Send To Group:” tag), such that when an Interaction has tags and maybe you check a “Ready to Send” checkbox, then the automation will link all Contact records that have a matching tag to that Interaction… like I said, though, that’s just one of many possible approaches.

My app, Junction Assistant, allows you to select several records in a table and bulk link them to a new record in another table. So, if you were looking at a Grid View in your Contacts table, you could select all the relevant contacts and link them all to a new record in Interactions. To use the feature you need an account.

The feature is called “Quick Select” and is described in this help article.