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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys, I love your system. My son has used your system for a couple of years and convinced me to give it a try. I am developing an understanding but have gotten totally hung up on one issue.

I have field tables across the top:

  • Employees
  • Codes for Job 2473 (one of many jobs but not all jobs have codes and codes for jobs that have codes are all different)
  • Job numbers
  • Equipment
  • Data

I have Grid view tables (Have not done entry forms yet)

  • Master - started developing relationships from the field tables and showing data by lookups, links etc.
  • Field Input - Just the fields that the site people need to see and fill in.
  • Billing - Just the data for invoicing manpower and equipment that comes from the “Field Input” screen.
  • Download for Rise - Table developed from the master that is the download information for our payroll package in a format they will accept
  • Time Sheets for Premier - Table developed from the master that is the download employee/time table to export into our accounting system.

All of the above works great including entering a job number (searched from the “Job number” field table) and then entering the job code (searched from the “codes for job number 2473” (in this case) field table.

ISSUE: Only certain jobs have job codes and the job codes for all of the jobs are different from job to job. Jobs that do not have job codes which are indicated in the “Job Number” table under a column job codes “Yes or no” should have a default code under job code of 002. Also as you can see one of the fields is “Codes for Job 2473” and there would be similar fields tables for different job numbers that have different codes. I cannot figure out how to add the default code of 002 if the job does not have codes and if a job has codes how to force the system to look at the correct “field table” of codes for the particular job number?

Any help is appreciated

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