Sharing link is not editable even if i am already signed in

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

We use Airtable to keep track of meetings and interviews. I am a personal secretary and I usually create a gallery view containing the Contacts who have meetings on day X so that my boss can easily find those records and make notes of the meetings. However it seems that this functionality has changed, but I am not sure when. I created a gallery view of the Contacts who have meetings today and created a link with the first 2 options enabled (‘Allow viewers to copy data out of this view’ and ‘Show all fields in expanded records’), but when i try to test the link or send the link to my colleague to test (before sending to my boss), the link doesn’t allow us to edit the associated records. This is the case both if we are logged in to Airtable and if we are not logged in, behavior that is different from what previously was working.

Did something change with Airtable? As the app currently is functioning, my boss has to log in and navigate to the base, table, and view to get to group of today’s meetings.


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