Sharing Pro Plan Base w/ External Pro Plan Customers

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Everyone,

We are current pro plan customers with a base of ~10K records. This data needs to be reviewed and enriched by a contracting firm that we are hired to do some work for us. They are (independently) also pro-plan customers of Airtable.

I wanted to share this base with them by e-mail, but I don’t want to pay the monthly fee per user (there will be ~15 new users if that’s the case) since they are already pro-plan customers (and we could just as easily “send” the base over for them to do their work).

Is this a supported use case within Airtable?

  • Pranav
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Unfortunately for all of us, Airtable charges by the workspace, not by the user.

In other words, Airtable collects monthly fees many times over for a single person who is associated with multiple workspaces.

For unlimited users at no extra monthly charge, consider paying for the MiniExtensions portal.