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Is there any shortcut key to add a new record when linking Records from another Table?

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I would also like to know this. Based on this feature request it looks like there’s only hacks.

You can click on a cell within a record/row and the hit “Shift+Enter” to add a new record below the existing record. This is not ideal for me.

I have my my book of business with over 1700 records in it, in reverse chronological order so as I add new clients they appear at the top of the list. I wish that when I did this that the empty “Add new record” row would also flip to the top of the table and allow me to add new records at the top of the list.

I do love the mobile functionality how there’s just a :heavy_plus_sign: button you can press to add a new record without using hacky shortcuts, or scrolling to the bottom of the table to get to the empty “Add new Record” row.

You can get the :heavy_plus_sign: button if you use a Gallery view in the web app instead of the grid view. May not be the way you want to view your data, but you can click the :heavy_plus_sign: to add a new record and tab through fields still, then use the esc key to close it, or click off the expanded record to close it. Not saying this fully answers your feature request, just offering a work around.