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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Airtable community, this is the first thread I’ve created. I’ve built an entire platform for my company ( with Airtable at the center of it all, and it’s working great. I’m hoping for a little help with one aspect of it - I’ve created an airtable automations script and designed it to “throw new error” if certain conditions are not met. It’s working as intended, however, I find the process of getting the detail about the error to be far from ideal.

What I’d love to do is replace the very generic “Failed to run” text in the run history with something actually meaningful to me about the specific error that was thrown. Anyone know if that’s possible?

If not, I would also be fine with putting error text into the panel that expands when you click the horizontal triangle next to “Failed To Run”. I tried using output.text(“can you see me”) on the hope that it would appear there, but I actually couldn’t figure out where that goes, or if there are any other methods to do this. Anyone know if this is possible?

As it stands currently, having to go 5 layers (Airtable > Automations > Individual Automation > Expand Failed Run > Expand Run a script > Open Execution Log) to see the error details I find to be quite clunky and inefficient.


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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Yes, it would be nice if you didn’t have to dig so deeply to get the execution log of the script. You can send the suggestion to Airtable support. However, given that you can get to the execution log (and you can console.log() as much detail as you like), I doubt that Airtable will make any changes anytime soon. But who knows for sure?