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Reconstruction of an array to pass to Gmail

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Need some help with a scenario in Integromat, after breaking an array of elements using an “Iterator module”, I have created many records using this subgroup of elements by a “Create a record” module.

Then I want to send an email using Gmail module “Send an email”. But I want to insert this group of elements as an array in the email content.
I tried to modify the scenario, but what I managed to do is send emails as much as elements I have and not a unique email containing all the elements.

Maybe I have to use the Flow Control module “Array aggregator” or create a JSON file using the JSON module because I know what the JSON file looks like from the primary module.

“labelAnnotations”: [
“mid”: “/m/0lkaa”,
“car”: “Mazda”,
“level”: 9
“mid”: “/m/0csbr”,
“car”: “Mercedes”,
“level”: 5
“mid”: “/m/0csby”,
“car”: “Nissan”,
“level”: 12
“mid”: “/m/0mkja”,
“car”: “Fiat”,
“level”: 6
“mid”: “/m/0nmew”,
“car”: “Opel”,
“level”: 8
“mid”: “/m/0crrf”,
“car”: “BMW”,
“level”: 3

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi, are you sure you didn’t intend to post this query to Integromat site?

Hi, I know that this is not the right place to post the topic but I thought someone could give me an idea …

Tank you for responding!!