Similar calendar shares show inconsistent default dates

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Airtable Community! I have two nearly identical calendars that are displaying markedly different default months - one current, one two months back - on loading a private share link, even though they have the same share setup and content that should have them both defaulting to the current day and month.

The calendars are my “Insertion Calendar” and Clippings Calendar". The former shows a matching record each time we have an advertisement placed in a trade periodical, and the latter just shows records where we have an attachment or ‘clipping’ of the ad that ran (so ‘not empty’ for that attachment field)

Let’s call the calendars A and B. They are based on the same table. A has matching records appearing on all days from 2/27 through the future, B has a filtered subset of those records and there are matches scattered from 2/27 through today.

I believe I have the share settings correct – my desire is to have the current month and day come up on both in perpetuity as my client clicks the calendar to check their Insertions and Clippings.

But while the filtered Calendar B share always defaults to the current day’s view on first load (April 6 as of today), the unfiltered Calendar A goes to the first day any events show which is February.

The shares are showing the month view, which is what I set. But the next line in the share setup, “Always show a specific date”, has a tooltip that, if I understand it correctly, does not appear to be working consistently: “If a date is not specified, the shared view will show the date closest to today that contains events”. That does not appear to be happening on calendar A (Insertions).

If “events” means “matching records” and I have matching records on both calendars for today, why is Calendar A (which has records on every single day) popping back to show February by default, while Calendar B defaults correctly to today?

All my events have durations of one day, so it’s not an issue with the span of dates in the matching records starting back in February on the one.

and I have the Date for the calendars just using one field, “Start Insertion”.

Attaching a screenshot of both A and B calendar share setups, and links to both shares themselves.

It’s hopefully something I am overlooking – thanks for your help, Airtable Community!

Calendar A Share
Calendar B Share

Setup screenshots:
Calendar A share setup

Calendar B share setup

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It seems like you’ve stumbled upon a major Airtable calendar bug that I was able to reproduce on my end.

The filter is mistakenly controlling where the calendar opens up to.

In my tests:

  • If there is no filter, the calendar will default to the earliest date on the calendar.
  • If the filter shows events up to about 3 months in the future, the calendar will default to today.
  • If the filter shows events up to about 4 or 5 months in the future, the calendar will default to the latest event in the future.
  • If the filter shows events beyond 4 or 5 months in the future, the calendar will default back to the earliest date on the calendar again.

I would report this bug ASAP to, and you can link them to this thread so they can see what we have both written here.