Simple Expense Report/Invoice Template + Record Attachments Combine to PDF?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I and a few team members use airtable for some document tracking at work. I built a very simple expense report base on the side that is essentially just two tables: 1 for “reports” and 1 for “expenses”. A bunch of expense records link to one report record, and a roll-up totals all the expenses. I threw together a simple page-designer template to re-create our company’s standard excel form (yes, we still use excel and a bunch of cobbled together receipts, its a mess) that pulls in the linked records from the expenses table to make a grid and then the roll-up in the report table to give the total.

What I can’t figure out how to do is to include all the attachments for receipts and invoices I am expensing for. What I want to do is create a new expense line in the new table, put in the date and the vendor and the total, and then attach a PDF of either the receipt or the invoice from the vendor. I then want ALL the invoices/receipts from the various records linked to a given report record to be included as pages 2 through however many receipts there are, in page designer (or something else) so I end up with one complete PDF that has the page designer expense report template. Page one is the expense report template with details and the total, and then if I have 6 receipts, pages 2-6 are the scans/images/downloads of the receipts. I’d like to put a button in the “report” record to initiate this action when I’m done with expenses at the end of the month and then have it save the completed file in an attachment field with the report record - but I cannot seem to figure out how to gather the various expense attachments and combine them with the page designer template.

It seems page designer may be limited in this way - is there another integration that may work here? The whole point is to automate it to just upload attachments, enter amounts, then end of the month hit the button - if I have to pass the document around or combine it elsewhere, I already do that now. This is just a side project for me so any other service would probably need to be on a freemium model as it wouldn’t be worth paying for something else just for this for one person.

Any thoughts on this welcome, everything up to this step was quite easy but the next step is the most crucial.

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Hi @Spencer_Mullaney

Unfortunately, the “page designer” app can only contain 1 page (which can be frustrating, I know). Other solutions might be the “Formstack Documents” app or one of the miniExtensions apps. Both are not free. Or use a Zap to another programme (can be free up to 3 Zaps I think).