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4 - Data Explorer

I am wondering if there is any way to display a single record with multiple dates in the calendar view? In the calendar view it says I can’t so is there any separate app or work around for this?
What we’re trying to do is create a delivery schedule where our sales team will fill out a form which they put in date, name and select a delivery slot. For large jobs, they can select multiple delivery slots so that the delivery team is not overbooked on a certain date. But when they select multiple delivery slots, these count as a record with multiple dates so they don’t display. I checked other threads however they’re quite old now and wasn’t able to figure out a solution.


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Welcome to the community, @J_J! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, each record can only appear once in the calendar.

It sounds like your multiple dates are currently separated into different date fields. A workaround would be to create a brand new table of dates, where each record in that table represents a single date.

Each record in your main table would link to multiple records in your new table of dates.

Then, you could create your calendar from your new table of dates (instead of your main table).

One known problem with Airtable is that Airtable will only display the primary field on your calendar, so you’ll need to make your primary field (in your new dates table) become a formula field that shows you some descriptive information about the event.

Note that this setup won’t work natively with your form submissions, because forms don’t allow the creation of new linked records. So you could probably leave your form submission as it currently is, but then create some automations to generate multiple date records in your new dates table (after the form is submitted).

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Thanks for your reply.

I basically followed this guide for creating the delivery scheduling - - essentially the sales staff are making a booking for deliveries. So like in that example, I have:
3/11/20 9AM
3/11/20 9.30AM
3/11/20 10AM
and so on.

If a job is particularly large and theres a lot of furniture to deliver and assemble, then the salesperson might block take the 9AM, 9.30AM and 10AM slots. Hope that clarifies.

Perhaps there is a better way to do it, I’m still very new to airtable so I’ve just been playing around with it to see how else we can utilise it.

Oh very cool, you’re pre-creating time slots for them to selectively choose from in your form via a linked record field in the main table. That’s absolutely perfect! That is your solution right there. Just create the calendar from the time slot table, and you’ll be good.

Yes I am pre-creating the time slots but when I go to calendar view in the availability table it shows the fields based on date/time. What we’re trying to achieve is the calendar view and it shows on the day the name of the customer that we’re delivering to.

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7 - App Architect

@Kamille_Parks’s Scheduler app may help you with what you’re looking for

Unfortunately, one of the gigantic limitations of Airtable is that it only displays the primary field value on the calendar view. So you would need to make your primary field a formula field that shows you what you’d like to see on your calendar.