Re: Slide view of a particular record to support presentations/PowerPoint?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all –

Is there a way to easily create a slide view of a particular record for embedding in external slides or PowerPoint presentations? We are using AirTable for managing marketing and would like to easily generate a one-page view–in landscape orientation and readable font sizes–of the individual items we are tracking, such as webinars, conferences, etc.

The beta Page Designer seems to be doing something similar, but focused on PDF/printing vs on-screen viewing. I’d like something like that, but with the ability to easily copy-and-paste a given view, and linkable / having a unique URL so you could embed a link in an external PPT and have it jump to that view in the browser.

Any thoughts about how to do this?



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Unfortunately, I know of no way to handle the first part of your request — a simple, one-page view of a record (the Page Designer Block is probably your best bet, currently) — but there is a unique URL per record. To access it, simply expand the record, either by selecting the double-headed arrow icon to the left of the primary field or by selecting a record and then pressing the space bar; when the expanded record is displayed, the URL in your browser’s address bar will change to something like this:

(In each segment of the URL, '##############' represents a 14-character hash value.)

Once you know the values of the URL table or table and view segments, you can use a Formula field to generate per-record URLs with either of the following formulas:




(The version that omits the view segment displays the expanded record overlaid on the currently active view for the table — even if the record would not be displayed according to the filter defined for that view.)

I realize this is the least-important aspect of your request, but at least it’s another arrow for your quiver…

Thanks @W_Vann_Hall. As you commented, the URL links are not really the crux of the problem for us for this topic, but I appreciate the helpful tutorial on URL construction – definitely useful.