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4 - Data Explorer

Hello. Currently I am using Airtable free version with Softr free version to run an webapplication. Now with the new pricing plan of Airtable, will I still be able to connect my Airtable base with my Softr application if I stay on the Airtable free version?

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It depends on how many times Softr will call the Airtable API, which in turn depends on how many people are using your app, and what they are doing in the app. You have a handful of users who only occasionally view or update a record, you may be okay. But if you have a lot of users or have users who perform a lot of updates, the new limits may be too restrictive for you.

I updated Kuovonne's Guide to Airtable with a page about API calls, including estimates of what can be done with 1,000 API calls, and ways to reduce API call usage.

Thank you, your page about API calls was very usefull!