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4 - Data Explorer

Hello -

Have an issue I keep running into that I would very much like the community’s help on.

I currently have a table that aggregates articles from around the web, and includes the following fields: NAME of the article, TOPIC of the article, DATE the article was published, and URL LINK to the article.

On a separate table, I have a list of topics. On this second table, I would simply like to have a roll-up of the URL Links by topic, with the URLs in the roll-up array SORTED BY DATE FROM NEWEST DATE TO OLDEST DATE.

Have tried a bunch of different methods but cannot get this to work. Please, anyone have any solutions for this? Thanks!!

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HI Matt,

I run into the same issue all the time. So far Airtable does not have a solution for this, is my conclusion. I see similar questions on the forum, and no solution is offered.
It really would be awesome if AT would solve this (@Katherine_Duh?).