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4 - Data Explorer

I have two tabs.
In one tab there is a list of peoples names, contributions, and the date of the contribution they have made
In the second tab are the list of contacts(the peoples names from above) with the sum of the contributions they have made in tab 1

I want to be able to run a filter (or something simple) where on the second tab. I can put in a date range and based on that date range it will show the sum of the contributions only within that range (right now it goes from the beginning of time to the present)

I want to be able to change the date range easily and often.

How can I accomplish this.

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I think there are a couple of ways you can do this. I do something similar for grant proposals.

1. Create a view in table 1 where the filters contain 2 date fields, then you use ‘is on or after’ ‘exact date’ and ‘is on or before’ ‘exact date’ and Amount Rcvd (your $ field name) ‘is not empty’. You can then see the total at the bottom every time you enter that view. You can also easily change the dates in the filter when needed.


2. Create a Summary app based on that view


  1. Create a Linked Record Field in your 2nd tab that links to the Contributions table. Create a Rollup field that pulls in the Amount Received then filter it where the Date Received ‘is on or after’ ‘exact date’ and ‘is on or before’ ‘exact date’. Add SUM(values) to the Aggregation field


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