Summarising 12 monthly expense tables into one total table

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I would like to create a summary total table of expenses from 12 monthly tables.

Each monthly table has an expense category(single select) field which have been grouped. Other fields are values, date, and a short description which is the primary field.

On the summary table I would like to show monthly totals for each expense category, cumulating to a yearly total. e.g January, Pension, 300, Feb, Pension, 300 etc with a rolling total at the end. Then Jan, mortgage, 1000, Feb, Mortgage, 100 etc…

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Hi Ian,

It sounds like you should have one table with all of your expenses instead of 12. That will make it easier to group and summarize the data (you can use grid view summaries or create a month linked and roll-up the expenses).

thanks Aron, so if I add all the records to the one table, how do i group by month based on record date?

Hi Aron, can you outline the creation of a month linked and roll-up of expenses ?