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Hey community,
I am working on a booking system for bikes.
Bike Booking

To make it simple for my team, I would like to use the Airtable forms as a booking form.
(See “Bookings” -> “Bookings-Munich” form)
When a customer calls to book one or more bikes, we want to use this form and fill name, start-date, end-date. (I use “Munich” as a default location on this form, as logic jumps aren´t supported in airtable forms…)

With “Bike-Selection” (linked record to BIKES table) i set "limit records selection to view "Bookable-Munich). Then i get a list of bikes.

The problem i have, how to avoid bookings on the same day(s).
Using the form, set start-& end date, i have no clue how to filter/show only bikes which are available (location Munich) on or between that specifics date(s)…

Any ideas? Is it possible with a airtable form at all?
Or do i have to use a a special formula?
Any help would be great!


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Hey Yosh!

I think this forum post should answer your question!

Hope it helps!

I wrote two scripts which do do this using the Scripting Block. They don’t use Form Views though.

Thanks @Kamille_Parks & @andywingrave !
Will check it out!