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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone! We’ve been working on a tool I wanted to share with the community.

After months of private beta, we’re publicly launching our Airtable x Webflow sync at Whalesync! It lets you sync your Airtable data to your Webflow CMS instantly .

The problem

Airtable is the best place to manage your data. Webflow is an awesome frontend website builder. The combo allows for really powerful creations, but connecting the two is hard.

Trying to do this with automation tools like Integromat can be complicated and brittle… especially when it comes to things like linked records.

The solution

A super simple (but powerful) way to sync data from your Airtable base to your Webflow CMS. You just map the collections/fields you want to connect and Whalesync creates a real-time sync.


We support the major field types out of the box including linked records and rich text fields.

How we’re different

  • :zap: we sync in real-time
  • :keyboard: we offer 1:1 support via Slack/calls
  • :rocket: we’re a growing, venture-backed team (so the product is constantly improving)
  • :rotating_light: our Issues page provides detailed error messages

Getting started

We have a free trial if you want to check it out. No need for an Airtable Pro account. Also, here’s a quick demo video: Sync Airtable to Webflow instantly (without code) - YouTube.

Would love your feedback if you have any questions or thoughts on how we can keep improving the product!

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