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Sync Contacts in Airtable with Office365 Exchange Global Address List (GAL)

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Is there anyway to sync my contacts in Airtable with my Office365 Exchange Global Address List (GAL)? I use a lot of “external” contacts in my Office365 Exchange Global Address List (GAL) to create different distribution lists. Right now if my contact updates their email/phone/etc., I have to update it in Airtable, then go to my exchange contacts online and update the info there as well.

Thanks for any advise!


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You may want to check to see if supports Global Address Lists.

If so, they offer the ability to watch for changes to a contact, and then you could update that contact in Airtable after a change is detected:


Thanks for the suggestion. I should have metioned I have tried Make & Zapier, but it they don’t update contacts in the Global Address List :frowning:

Ahhh, that’s good to know.