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Using Automations to update mileage of specific vehilces

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I’m working on managing a fleet of vehicles and im trying to automate things that happen when my “Fuel Log” table is updated. Currently new records are entered via a form by my drivers, I would then like to have the Mileage and Engine Hours that were entered into the new record from that form update on a separate table that i store general information for each of my vehicles on.

Currently the tables are “Fuel Log” and “Assets”

“Fuel Log” houses a list of entries updated daily by drivers when recording their post trip information, it is ever expanding and I GROUP it by date.

“Assets” houses a static list of the vehicles we use, and is only there to contain general information about each vehicle, VIN, Mileage, make, model etc. There are never any new records in this table, only updates to specific records in this table.

Im trying to figure something out like this.

Record created for Vehicle 12 in “Fuel Log” Table via a form for “Fuel Log” Table.
Automation Triggers
Finds Record for Vehicle 12 in “Assets” Table
Automation Updates “Mileage” & “Engine Hours” based on the newly created record in “Fuel Log”

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Make Vehicle field linked. Use rollup in Assets field (dynamic update w/o auto). Or add trigger in Assets when linked field value changed

THANK YOU ive spent forever trying to figure this out, youre a life saver.