Sync from one base view to anther (pro workspace to pro workspace)

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A few of us are trying out AT Pro before jumping into Enterprise. I have a use case in that each department needs its workspace, however, there is some info from each that needs to go into one base to bring data/workload/plans together from multiple teams.

So can I sync a view from a base in my workspace on pro to someone else who has pro on their workspace without paying for another licence?

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Enterprise gives you an unlimited number of workspaces that are included with your Enterprise pricing plan.

On the Pro plan, each workspace comes with its own monthly cost.

Using Airtable Sync has no effect on the pricing.

So if I have Pro in my workspace and someone else has pro in their workspace I can sync a view over to them without adding them to my pro workspace licence?

Right, as I said above, using Airtable Sync has no effect on the pricing. You’re not adding anybody to your workspace license, because you haven’t added any collaborators to your workspace.