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10 - Mercury

For example, if you add a new field to a table/view that is currently sync’d to another base, how do you get that field to become part of the sync? Is that even possible? In this specific case, it’s a lookup field if that matters.

I tried to search for the answer to this question, but haven’t had any luck so far. Thanks!

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It automatically comes into the destination table as long as that field is showing on the source view that you’re syncing.

(Note that lookup fields & formula fields & rollup fields only show up in the destination as text strings. I think this might be the case with other field types as well.)

Thanks Scott. That’s what I assumed too. The part I missed (and just figured out) was that I needed to “Update Sync Configuration” in the destination table and add this field to the list to be sync’d.

Thanks again for responding!!!