Re: Sync tables in the same base? trying look up info from across multiple tables

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hello AT users - I’m wondering if anyone might have an idea on how I can solve an issue.

I’ve got a base that has a table for Tasks
Tasks are related to: webpages, video or photos. I have a table for webpages and a table for photos.

I want to link each task to a webpage, video or photo but I’d like to have one field rather than 3 fields.

So I was thinking I’d create a table “All content” that combines - webpages, videos and photos. The webpages & video tables are synced from other bases. Photos are added individually.
The task table can link to records from the “All content” table.

Airtable doesn’t let you sync tables in the same base - so I’m not sure how to create the “All content” table from the other 3 tables.

Any suggestion on how to summarize 3 different tables - 2 of which are syncs from other bases into one?

Or is there another way to have one field do a look up on 3 tables instead of 1 table?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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There is not.

Either bite the bullet and have 3 link fields or set up a system that houses your 3 content tables in their own base and sync those 3 tables into an “All Content” table in your main base.

Thanks. I had not thought of creating a separate base to make this work.