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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi Everone,

So We have a base contains all content titles from Series and Movies, I have created another synced base reading all the content that is coming in the next months, and Marketing people like to apply their campaigns depending on the scale of each title.
My first content base " Primary column is the name of the title " English title + Season + EPS formula
and because the marketing base is synced with it, it shows a synced primary column.

however, the Marketing people would like to have their own Primary filed but still synced with that one from the content base.
Is there a way to change the primary column in the synced table base without affecting the primary column in my source? like they want to add a campaign name or an event.
Or how can I un-sync the primary Column in Airtable from a synced table?
Thanks in advance my awesome community.
My Best

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hi there!

My recommendation would be to add a new table to the base you are syncing to, and use automations to create a new record on the new table each time a record is added to your synced table.

This would allow your users to adjust the primary field in the new table, and use lookups/rollups to pull over the relevant data from the synced table.

I hope this makes sense - happy to explain further :slightly_smiling_face: good luck!

Thank you @AlliAlosa , I know exactly what you mean, I am actually using automation heavily, however, I love to play it simple, Airtable sync is wonderful, no need for extra steps or other third-party paid services.

My question is, Can I create different primary Columns inside one table, or Can I un sync the Primary column from a synced table and create another?

Thanks a lot

I have a similar problem where my primary column contains sensitive information that I don’t want to share on my synced table. Did you get a workaround this issue?

Hi @Joel1, The only solution I could find is to use a third-party application to transport some specific data I wanted to move ( Not the sensitive data thought )
I used Zapier to send data to a new base that’s not synced, and I used the primary column to receive a normal data I wanted to be there as a marketing campaign or so.

I hope that helps. Take Care