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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone,

I have synced two bases with a third one (country stock management purpose).

The issue I have right now is that even though my product have the same SKU (primary field here), the stock levels aren’t on the same “line”. I don’t know if I am clear enough.

Airtable has automatically created a new “line” so I end up with two “lines” for the same product reference.

How can I change that in order to only have one?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Have a nice day,


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I think that’s working as intended I’m afraid. They’re two different records and so won’t be merged

To achieve a single table where you have a single record per SKU which shows the data you want, I would:

  1. Create a new table called Merged or some such
  2. Create a link between the Stock and Merged tables
  3. Paste the values in the Reference field into the linked field via an automation
  4. In Merged, create the needed lookup fields


You can change it here (Advanced field options)

maybe you will need to adjust it in source field settings then, but in my case, advanced options were enough.

upd: I might be wrong and Adam is right, and my issue was different. I need to check it a bit later