Re: Syncing an entire base (but with reduced fields) while maintaining relations between tables

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all!

We are using Airtable as a research database and want to make some of our work public through Our main base for entry has a series of 5 tables that are all interconnected (we take advantage of the ability to have relational tables within bases). For example, in table 1, our records link to records in tables 2, 3, and 4. Some of the information in our main base has sensitive information (like researcher identifying information) which we do not want to make public.

Is there a way to create a synced version of the base that maintains the relations between the tables (e.g. “link to record from other table fields”) while allowing us to limit the fields that are shown on the public version? We want to make research public as we continue to update the main base, so just duplicating the base and removing fields isn’t an option (need some sort of sync with the main base that is being updated).

I tried to create a synced base with all the tables from the main base, however, those “link to another record” fields were broken and changed to text fields.


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Hi Alex,

you can open the table that includes all the information you want to share. Then create a new view and give a name like “public”. Then in this view hide all the fields you want to not be available to the public. You can also apply filters and sorting to make your view to present your data as you want your audience see them.

After the view setting, press the “share view” button and create a share view url. Your audience having this url will be able to see on the browser your view.

Before you deliver it to your audience I highly recommend you to open the url in an incognito browser window to check by your self how it looks like.

For any further help please do not hesitate to text here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Dimitris! The only issue with this method is that you still lose the links to other tables within the base since it is only that view that is public versus the base, so the “link to record from other table fields” still just return text vs. links and you lose the relational aspects of the database.

Ok get it.
What if you create new fields with function. Each field will display the values from the “linked to record” field. Then you can hide all those linked to fields.

However in the following print screen you can see that linked to fields display as expected.

note: monetize is linked to other table field

Doesn’t it work for you ?