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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All. This posting from my side aims to seek solutions from you. When I went to ‘Update sync configuration’ in a synced table of my target/destination base (synced base), and I wanted to change the name of one of the two sources I used to sync its data to the target base’s synced table, I could not do it. This issue is because I named that relevant source a bit too long. As a result, I could not find the three-dot sign at the end of the source label, which can be used to edit synced fields or change/rename the source label. To sum up, the problem here is caused by the long name of the source mentioned; consequently, the three-dot button is not available for use. Would you please share your idea on how to resolve this problem? Thank you.

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I tried to create a long name to see it, but it has limit. 


I can't make it longer. And when I press on the dot after last "d", it works as three dots.
Maybe I misunderstand something?

Note that my first thought was - to zoom out, at the <50%. But it doesn't seems helpful, chars and table just zoom at the same level.