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6 - Interface Innovator


Looking throughout this community for any additional insight on third party applications with AirTable.  In particular exploring better Forms options and capabilities.  Through looking at different program applications JotForm seems good, however limited in the ability it cannot use the linked field option to the AirTable base.  The other option was On2Air which does appear to have an option to link records within its form. 

Limitations we are experiencing and would greatly benefit our current project and future within the company are:

  • A form that can be accessed by any user with the link and submit directly into AirTable.  
    • Current process is using a Google Form that is manually updated into the AirTable table import feature.  This process is very manual as well as the linked record fields must be completely done manually. 
  • A form that allows outside elements, fields or structure to be added to allow a more flowing form.  Interface has this option, but going back to the first issue it cant be accessed by anyone to submit new records.  View option is only authorized for outside users.
  • A form with pre-fill options as well as identify a duplicate upfront before submission.  We currently have the setup to pre-fill in some of the form, but this is only one field and makes for a long url.  Other pre-fills would be default dates, etc. 
  • A form with in-form calculations.  Currently these calculations are handled through AirTable automations when the form is submitted, but having an in form option would allow the end user to see their submissions with the score calculated already and additionally an option the maybe reverse score (reduces points from the maximum score as checks or options are selected to get to the final score.)

Thank you for any additional insight.  I have reached out to AirTable support as the company has an enterprise account with them and they are looking into ideas with the engineering support team.  

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Hi Michael,

I'm Hannah with On2Air. We launched a brand new version of our On2Air Forms app a few months ago. It has the option to add/update linked records within a form. You can see an example here.

We can meet your other requirements as well. This page highlights all the features.

  • Unique URLS to send to outside users and submits directly back to Airtable. We've made create new records and editing current ones super easy.
  • We have prefill options for any or all fields on the form. (We don't have the duplicate identifier)
  • You can create in-form live calculations also with our form using either/or Airtable values or values entered by the form user.

Glad to set you up a form for free. Feel free to message me here or send a chat message at and we'll get you started.


Example of linked record fields in a form (Clients, Jobs, Estimates)


Example of live calculations


Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable

Hi Hannah, 

Appreciate the input.  I have setup a calendar meeting with Mia next week to do a quick walk through on some of the questions asked to just get an idea of its capabilities and different pricing options that maybe available.  The live calculations I would be interested if they can be setup in conditional (example:  If I have 7 elements under one question, each element for that particular question is worth 2 points it would have the ability to calculate the score total, or have the maximum score set to 50 points and each condition it knew how much to deduct from the total score). 

Hey Michael,

Sounds great. Mia will show you how the app works. I would need to look at exactly what you're describing with calculating and deducting, but I believe we can do that.

Take care,


Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable